Lucky Star Company was founded and commenced production in Sialkot, Pakistan in 1997 and just over the some years was capable to become one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler of Boxing, MMA and fitness equipment.
Over the ensuing years Lucky Star kept on developing and extend through the worldwide where the company's major aim is to afford the best quality goods to satisfy consumers needs.
There is a special proud of Lucky Star company that is the popularity among the professional sportsmen, who prefer to cooperate with Lucky Star due to the fact that the company can guarantee that every sportsman from beginner to professional can rely and be sure of our products.
Today Lucky Star is continuing to contribute all consumers with their demands in conformity with the rapidly growing sport market.
Nowadays, people all over the world are paying more and more attention on their health and trying to follow lifestyle which would be completely connected to sport. Acting in accordance with these changes Lucky Star's aim is to create sport available for everyone.